some stuff to be sold on ebay, have a look if ur a gamer geek.

as part of a big clear out im selling a bunch of stuff on ebay mostly games check this one out if ur intrested in pokemon, has the event pokemon Shaymin included!! click hear

Everything you ever wanted to know about Fairy tales…..kinda

Ready set go!!! well not quite. Money makes the world go round so they say. I often find myself thinking wouldn’t life be easer if id fallen in love with a millionaire? Not that im looking for golden monkeys and privet jets you understand. Are story is just like any other I guess we met fell in love and decided to start a family. Only were a little be logical and thought we best plan the family part. The truth hurts but having a bit of cash for things like umm I don’t know houses and nappies would make life so much easer. So this a blog documenting everything we are doing to save and indeed make money.

My name is Stacey and for lack of a better word my ‘boyfriend’ is called David he’s 25 and im 24. We live in the northeast of England and met via the wonderful world of online. So it only seems right that we continue are life together with the help of the internet. I would love for this blog to be as interactive as possible any questions comments or advice please don’t hastate, tell me! Are current plans for money making and saving are simple things like cooking all are meals no take out!!! trying to get extra hours at work and looking for better paid jobs, the way things are at the moment tho im not holding my breath. We even have a spear change jar that all are old penny’s go in to .anyone got suggestions on what else we can do please tell us even if u think , oh it would only maybe save them penny’s its not worth it. IT IS!!! I so desperately want to have my happy ever after and become a mom but it isn’t gonna happen until we can afford it. Penny’s make pounds and pound billed are future.